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Hannah Nendick-Mason, Contributing Editor
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Hannah Nendick-Mason
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Douglas, MI

I've moved around a lot.  I currently live with my husband and children in SW Michigan.  We have also lived in Toronto (Canada), Florida, Ohio, Southern and Northern California.  I studied horticulture many years ago in Northern California (Merritt College), and have worked in that field in many public and private gardens in CA, OH and FL.  I thus have a broad knowledge of both cultivated and native plants from those states.  For a while I worked at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity's Butterfly Rainforest, so I'm pretty familiar with butterflies and caterpillars.  Presently I'm a stay-at-home mom.  In California I volunteered in our elementary school garden, which led to many wonderful opportunities to find and talk about bugs with students. I now devote a lot of my time to developing a new school garden at my children's current elementary school. We grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers, mostly from seed, and this year we are also focussing a lot of energy on attracting monarchs to our school and neighborhood.

I garden chemical-free and try to plant to attract a variety of insects.  I have also raised many caterpillars in my home (I wrote an article for this site, Raising Caterpillars, and you can see my rearing cage here). Mostly I just stumble across bugs because I'm working (or playing) outdoors a lot.  My son and daughter are both enthusiastic bug-hunters, too.  

My earliest pictures were taken with the Kodak dx4900 4.0 megapixel digital camera plus diopter, which I still miss.   In 2007 I switched to a Canon PowerShot A710IS, and in Spring 2011 to the Canon PowerShot SX20IS.

I believe BugGuide is the best possible place to share my images and learn more about what I'm photographing, and I've been a contributor since April 2004.  Thanks to Troy Bartlett's kind invitation back in the early days of this site, I've also been an editor for several years.  I enjoy trying to identify pictures in ID Request - but feel free to challenge my assumptions - I don't have any formal entomological training.

Some of my favorite pictures:

Finally, here is the strangest thing I've ever photographed - male zebra longwings mating with a female chrysalis.  Click on it for more details.

Bug hunting always reminds me of  the Dr Seuss book There's a Wocket in My Pocket.There are so many amazing creatures right under our noses if we just pay attention.

"That's the kind of house I live in/and I hope I never leave it!"