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Walter Nathaniel Long, Contributor
Full name:
Walter Nathaniel Long
City, state, country:
North Carolina

I came to North Carolina from South Korea when I was close to thirteen years old. I like animals.
I currently catch and breed native species of roaches near Raleigh. I also breed exotic roaches, mantises, and trying to steadily breed stagbeetles.

I will try to add photos of roaches I find and photos to show their habitat and to show interesting things, like Parcoblatta bolliana near ant nests.

Parcoblatta I have caught.

Parcoblatta lata and Parcoblatta divisa and a Parcoblatta species that could be P. pennsylvanica I find in the dry parts of rotting pine trunks. I have found Parcoblatta divisa in or near just slightly moist parts inside the pine trunks and I have found one on a log on the ground which was humid, but I have not found any Parcoblatta divisa under logs in the past, under logs I just find a lot of Parcoblatta virginica.
Parcoblatta lata might be the largest Parcoblatta species of all. I have found some of these in the same stumps I have found Parcoblatta divisa and Parcoblatta pennsylvanica.

Male Parcoblatta divisa picture

Parcoblatta lata beside Parcoblatta pennsylvanica
Five nymphs of Parcoblatta lata picture
Parcoblatta lata nymph

These could be Parcoblatta pennsylvanica.