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The Stenonema Rangers of Ontario, Contributor
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The Stenonema Rangers of Ontario
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Southern Ontario Canada

I am a amateur entomologist who has a specific interest in mayflies (Ephemeroptera). I am currently in a 5 year study of the genus Stenacron which will in turn create book one in a series of books that completely illustrate in HD color a genus in all stages. The larva, male, and female adults. These books will cover all the mayflies in Ontario. In the case of Stenacron I have all but 3 species in my area and am covering every FORM and species. I refer to my area as Stenacron alley. A picture is worth a thousand words very true. In fact from these books a 6 year old can look at the colored pictures and make a very good choice as to which sample theirs is. There will be jargon defined reading and taxonomic reading. These books are for anybody with interest to use regardless of education. The future of our remaining environment rests on the children of today. Book one will be called.


Book two is Stenonema and book three is Maccaffertium and they are being created now as well while I work through Stenacron

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