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Eudora Watson, Contributor
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Northern New York, USA

All the photos I submitted up to August 2018 were taken on a three acre lot. I'm kept busy enough just photographing what I see on walks and haven't yet started to seek out species by using lights, etc. I've added several books to my library based on recommendations here, and have learned quite a bit (but not nearly enough) from Bug Guide.

I always have photos of mine that are waiting for attention for IDs and entry into the catalog I keep, but at this point I have about 85 different insects cataloged.

Here's a list of those I have not posted to BG, but used BG for identification, often with the help of others here who are generous with their time and expertise:

Agapostemon virescens - Bicolored Agapostemon (Sweat Bee)
Meloe - Oil beetle
Deloyala - Tortoise Beetle
Tetraopes tetrophthalmus - Red Milkweed Beetle
Phyllophaga - May Beetle (caught in spider web)
Malachius aeneus - Scarlet Malachite Beetle
Danaus plexippus - Monarch Butterfly (larva and adult)
Lethe anthedon - Northern Pearly-eye Butterfly (adult)
Limenitis arthemisi - White Admiral Butterfly (adult)
Phyciodes - Crescents (adult)
Papilio canadensis- Canadian Tiger Swallowtail (adult)
Papilio cresphontes - Eastern Giant Swallowtail (cat)
Leucorrhinia intacta - Dot-faced Whitetail Skimmer
Dryomyzidae- Fly
Malacosoma americana -Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth (cat)
Melanchra picta - Zebra Caterpillar Moth (cat)
Hemaris - Hummingbird Moth (adult)
Pyrrharctia isabella - Isabella Tiger Moth, Banded Woolly Bear (cat)
Hypercompe scribonia -Giant Leopard Moth (cat)
Lygaeus kalmii - Small Milkweed Bug
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus - Eastern Parson Spider
Araneua trifolium - Shamrock Orbweaver
Reduvius personatus - Masked Hunter (nymph)
Sehirus cinctus - White-Margined Burrower Bug
Leptoglossus occidentalis- Western Conifer Seed Bug
Malacosoma americana - Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Lema daturaphila - Three-lined Potato Beetle

"Wasp Farm" is a favorite book, and has inspired a couple of poems.