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Boris Büche, Contributing Editor
Full name:
Boris Büche
City, state, country:
Berlin, Germany

Born 1967 in Hamburg, Germany, I´m active as an amateur entomologist since 1980, occupied with central European Coleoptera. That later made me work as a freelancing consultant in nature conservation affairs on the fields of entomology, botany, and general synecology in relation to habitat management. First experience in the tropics I collected in 2005, and really like to deepen it in future.

To me, beetles are interesting chiefly as participants in environmental processes, to say: alive - unfortunately, killing keeps inevitable in many cases to produce reliable information. For that reason, I am very interested in beetle autecology, in particular in saproxylic and herbivore groups. Taxonomically, I specialised on the family Anobiidae in restricted sense (deathwatch-beetles, excluding spider beetles) on a world-wide scale ten years ago.